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Default Code violations, including storage of gasoline outside?

In article ,
"Olley" wrote:

"Nancy Young" wrote
No way to say this especially nicely ... a STACK of lawnmowers???

Sounds like a junk yard, and if I was your neighbor, I'd be annoyed,


LOL, this is a hoot! The original poster must be a troll. Could you
imagine living besides someone like this?

Then, they wonder why the code inspector is on them.

I shudder to think what the inside of their place is like.

Torching the place seems to be the best idea, to clean this rat trap up.

Sorry, newbie, but mm is not a troll. Maybe a tad eccentric, but an
intelligent, pleasant, thoughtful, humorous, daily contributor to the
group. I find it odd that he thinks that tarps, stacks of lawnmowers,
and sheets of plywood lying around would fly in a townhouse setting, but
then he collects spray paint nozzles, so it fits his personality.