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Default Aligning Riding LawnMower Blades

depictureboy wrote:
Is there a special way that multiple mower blades should be re-
installed after changing? ...
I get a hump in the middle of my cut
unless I cut my grass really short. He was thinking it might be a mis-
alignment issue.

Well, they're obviously not level or it wouldn't do that...

Start by parking it on a level spot like the driveway slab and measure
the bottom of the deck to ground on each side -- it should be the same,
obviously. If it's not, figure out the mechanism for adjusting or look
for what is broken/bent and fix that. The ordinary design adjustments
should be in the owner's manual. Oh, don't for get to make sure tire
inflation is correct and the same for all four tires first and that the
sizes match and there's not a bearing or axle problem...

Once the deck is level, measure each blade tip to the ground at the four
compass points (can start w/ 2 and refine). They should also be level.

Possibilities are the mounting flange has dirt/obstruction so blade
doesn't meet the flange flat, one or both blades are bent, the shaft is
bent or misaligned, bearings, etc., ...

Again, owner's manual should explain how to adjust normal adjustments --
after that it's look for stuff that isn't correct--broken, worn, bent,
etc., ...