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Default Opinions- BJ's service, 'year round sun room' 'Better Living'

"cshenk" wrote

Followup, Betterliving patio and sunrooms, local Hampton Roads offices.

Not bad. Due to the age of the house, they have to do footing to existing
slab. Room is 13x11, 2 walls need no rework, ceiling/roof fine. Replace
structural supports at outer corner, 4 (2 plug each) outlets plus electric
for combined AC/Heat unit. This is the 4 season stuff suitable for my area
(described as 3 season but we arent cold enough to need under 0F protection

1 additional door (glass, sliding with screen). Windows open to screens.
All double paned RV filtering energy efficient. Removal of all mold damaged
material (includes carpet). We lay down new carpet over existing floor (we
plan indoor/outdoor stuff).

12,400$ with builtin AC/Heat unit
10,600$ without AC/Heat unit

Will take about 60 days from order and 2 weeks (have to let various cements
dry etc) to put in.

Now to check accessory AC units. Theirs adds house value (built in) but if
it 'goes bad' is built into the wall so harder to replace. Heat would be
easy with an electric oil filled free heater but AC needs a vent.

This is a followup to any who have tracked the folks who moved back from
Japan after 6.5 years and renter damage. The room was kicked in basically
and was never built right in the first place. Don and my health is
degrading so we are looking for others to handle the heavy work we no longer
can. This has the advantage of codespec work, with guarentee and
inspectors. They get it wrong, they fix it. (Sorry, we are DIY folks but I
now have 3 (oh my gosh, not a typo) herniated discs and Don has increasing
arthrits. With care, I can live a normal life but I can no longer just
'assume' I can handle something and framing in new walls etc is no longer an

Although technically we can not call this a '4th bedroom' in VA, lets face
it, thats what it is g. They even are putting up our exterior lights (one
of them) and for little more, will add the second if we want the side yard
better lit.

Let me look up some freestanding AC/Heat solutions but any input will be
well recieved!

Keep in mind please, we just 'cant' DIY anymore of a project of this level
and make it truely other than a hack. 10 years ago, yes. Not now.