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Default World's Slowest 15W CFL's

On Mar 24, 3:49*pm, Robert Barr wrote:
I've been using CFL's for a long time now, since they were first readily
available. *I've had the best luck with Sylvania. *GE performs OK for
me, but the Menard's brand (FEIT?) and the L of A are pretty sad.

I can understand how someone whose first experience with CFL's is with L
of A would have a negative opinion of CFL's in general, because their
products really suck. *FEIT isn't much better.

OTOH -- if Sylvania products aren't doing it for you, odds are nobody's

Have you tried maybe using a single 13w Sylvania CFL in there instead of
a spot?

DA wrote:
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DerbyDad03 wrote:

I just bought a 3 pack of Sylvania 15W CFL spot lights for my kitchen

I know that CFL's take a little while to reach full brightness, but
these take over 2 minutes! *They'd barely be called a
when they first come on.

It's not bad in the morning since it's gentle on the eyes, but at
night it's pretty annoying.

Gotta call Sylvania and see what they say.

CFLs slowness is a real PITA in most applications and is really hindering
their acceptance. I'm trying to convert to LED bulbs wherever possible.
But LED prices still hurt and the brightness is not there yet.

Anyways, I am using CFLs throughout the house anyway and found that
over-sizing them (in terms of wattage and light output) appears to help
remedy the slowness.

Of course, oversizing defeats the purpose of having CFLs but in places
like bathroom it's the only way to see anything in dark. If I use 40W
light output CFL, I'll be out of bathroom before it reaches the full
brightness, LOL. So I stepped up to 60W. By the way, Phillips CFLs are not
fast either.


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if Sylvania products aren't doing it for you, odds are nobody's

I have CFL's in many other fixtures, including ceiling lights on three
stair landings, inside closets, etc. In all other cases, the initial
output is adaquate and full output is achieved in a realtively short
time (30 secs?) My teenagers, who probably never even noticed the
gradual increase in output from those bulbs (or at least never
mentioned it) all bascially said "Hey Dad, what's with the weird
lights in the kitchen? I turned 'em on, couldn't see anything and then
2 minutes later I had to shield my eyes!)

Have you tried maybe using a single 13w Sylvania CFL in there
instead of a spot?

No, I just bought these late last week and haven't done anything about
them yet (except save the package so I can return the spots).

I chose these bulbs because the fixture is a 3-socket unit, with
directional spots. Something like this:

The spots look better than conventional bulbs and certainly better
than regular CFL's without the outer bulb.

I may just go back to regular spots and forget the "green" stuff for
this application.