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Default World's Slowest 15W CFL's

On 24 Mar 2008 17:35:40 GMT, (DA)

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DerbyDad03 wrote:

I just bought a 3 pack of Sylvania 15W CFL spot lights for my kitchen

I know that CFL's take a little while to reach full brightness, but
these take over 2 minutes! They'd barely be called a
when they first come on.

It's not bad in the morning since it's gentle on the eyes, but at
night it's pretty annoying.

Gotta call Sylvania and see what they say.

CFLs slowness is a real PITA in most applications and is really hindering
their acceptance. I'm trying to convert to LED bulbs wherever possible.
But LED prices still hurt and the brightness is not there yet.

Anyways, I am using CFLs throughout the house anyway and found that
over-sizing them (in terms of wattage and light output) appears to help
remedy the slowness.

Of course, oversizing defeats the purpose of having CFLs but in places
like bathroom it's the only way to see anything in dark. If I use 40W
light output CFL, I'll be out of bathroom before it reaches the full
brightness, LOL. So I stepped up to 60W. By the way, Phillips CFLs are not
fast either.


I use a CFL as well as a string of LED holiday lights in my bathroom.
The LED lights are usually enough.
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