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Default Repair old tub faucet problems

"Roger Shoaf" wrote in

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Holy Crap. That link is exactly what I need for the corroded handles
and escutcheonescus on showers I have. I didn't know they made those
kits. I believe they are even Price Pfister.

Can anyone tell me how to verify what I have is a Price Pfister???

buying parts ahead of time from a picture is an iffy proposition. I
usually pull the parts on a Saturday morning, and then hit the local
hardware store.

If you do this you can match up the new to the old parts exactly.

Yea, especially those stems. When I was in Lowes, over half the remodel
pkgs were opened and taped up.

I'll pull a stem, bring it in and match to the samples then take it from
there - basically what you do.