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Default sand/clay from my yard - useful?

"Nate Nagel" wrote in message
Edwin Pawlowski wrote:
"Nate Nagel" wrote in message

Question is, what do I do with the excess sand/clay that I removed? I do
have plans at some vague point in the future to put in some flagstone
walkways, can I just save this stuff for that? If the answer is "maybe,"
how do I evaluate it to see whether it's suitable or not? If it's not,
how the hell do I get rid of it? I've had a hard enough time getting rid
of the "good stuff" where I've wanted to do so, I assume I'd have to pay
someone to haul off simple fill, but I don't know where to start.

There are always people looking for clean fill. I often see signs in
yards "clean fill wanted" You just have a logistics problem to get it
from your place to theirs. Try putting an ad in a local free shopper
paper and you may get some takers.

You'd think, but no. Even the topsoil, which I've been giving away, has
been a hassle with all but a few people. I'd put an ad on Craigslist and
people would want me to load and deliver 50 miles away. All I want is
someone to show up, help me shovel it into my truck (that way they can see
what they're getting and I won't be completely worn out,) and then I'll
drive it to their house, but apparently that's too much work for some

Where are you?