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Default Recommend Laminate in the Bathroom?

Joseph Meehan wrote:
There are problems with it and people have experienced it. That is
why they have the warning. I don't know if it is still available or if
it every was a good idea, but at least some brands had lines of product
they recommended for those places, but only when the seams were sealed
during installation.

Unless I have very good reason, I certainly would not go against the
manufacturer's recommendations to not use their product under certain

I'd never put it in a bathroom (or kitchen), and not just because I hate
the look of fake woodgrain and the hollow feel underfoot. (They all look
like Formica to me, unless they have a Real Wood top layer.) Even if
they HAVE fixed all the waterproofing issues, the stuff still carries a
bad rep from the early days, and that will likely occur to anyone
looking to buy the house.

Bathroom floors should be ceramic, or even a good grade of vinyl.
Properly installed, with the grout seal and caulking at tub edge kept
intact, they will last decades.

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