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"Joe" wrote in message
On Mar 22, 7:15 pm, mjs wrote:
I put up a prehung door and I am having one problem the door won't
stay open. It doesn't close shut, but it won't stay open it swings
away from the wall and seems to be getting worse. Any solutions.

Go back and find the directions that came with the door unit. Then
redo the whole thing just as it specified. As it is, you are out of
plumb on the jambs, and perhaps other parameters. A prehung door jamb
assembly is not a rigid structure to shove into an opening and nail in

Joe is correct in his diagnosis of your problem. Think for a moment about
the hatch on the deck of a boat. That is level or 90 out of plumb so it is
easy to understand why it would self close. On a door, they self close or
self open depending on which way they are tipped out of plumb.

When hanging a door, first you plumb the hinge side of the jam, then square
the top to the hinge side, then secure the latch side of the door. You want
the stop to evenly hit the door when closed.


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