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Default Latex Flat Paint Over Kilz Original Oil Primer Question

Robert11 wrote:


Have a brown water stain on ceiling from an ice dam leakage.
Not very big; perhaps 2 inches or so wide X 10 inches long.

Ceiling is presently painted a pretty much Flat White.

I plan on very lightly sanding the stain, and then applying
Kilz Original Oil Based Primer-Sealer to it.

Question: is it likely that a single coat of a Flat White regular interior
Latex paint will blend in and hide
the Kilz "well," or do you think the oil based Kilz painted area will look
shiny (or otherwise be discernable) thru the single Latex coat ?

Thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.


If you have left over paint, or a way to get the color numbers, then
prime/paint is ok. Even from
the same can of paint, it can be difficult to get a perfect match
because the already painted area
probably has some fading, yellowing or dirt. If it is a really dead
white, you might get better results
from just applying a very, very thin coat of primer, brushing out to
feather the edges. Even the primer
alone might "do" until the whole ceiling needs painting. Most folks
don't look at the ceiling much and
unless the light is perfect, might just not notice it.