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Default Seeing occasional bubble in A/C sight glass

Mikepier wrote:
One day I was cleaning my yard and I noticed when I went to check on
my outdoor A/C unit, I saw an occasional bubble float by in the A/C
sight glass, like once every 3 seconds. After checking every couple
of days, I did not notice it anymore. Does this mean I have a leak, or
is the freon just expanding and contracting with the weather? The day
I saw the bubble it was warmer ( about 50 degrees) than it had been.
The unit has been off since the end of summer.

An expert's opinion;

It may be normal for the conditions at the time. The only correct method to
check the refrigerant charge [providing the DX is a TXV] is for a
refrigeration service technician to check the sub-cooling on the condenser.

It's likely ok.