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Default Opinions of this electric heated blower, for heating a garage?

On Mar 20, 10:11 pm, Jim Redelfs
In article

bryan wrote:
I currently have a 85k BTU forced air propane heater for my garage.
Does this look like a suitable substitute to you?


My first thought was to dismiss it out-of-hand simply due to the "harbor
freight" URL. Still, I went and checked it out.

It's a heated, forced-air RUG DRYER fer pete's sake. 1350-watts won't
make a DENT in the temperature if the 85k propane heater was just
adequate to the task.

The propane can get expensive.

So what? That's the CO$T of heating the space. Either live with it or
wait until Spring to work in that space.

Wow, ask a dumb question, get a borderline aggressive answer.

Still, thanks everyone for helping me figure that out.