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before you pull toilet, confirm does it flush well with a bucket of

if not pull toilet.........

if it flushes fine with a bucket pulling toilet will do no good at

muriatic acid placed carefully will clean out the interior passages of
the toilet 20 minutes and 10 bucks if you need saftety glasses.

safe effective fast and cheap. works amazingly well as another poster
reported here, i am the one who told him about it

when you flush the toilet actually creates a wave that moves the waste
solids into the large bottom drain & trap.

but you must have enough flow to start the wave, over time sediment
builds up in the interir water passages bowl rim ald slows the flow of
fresh water. at some point stuff just swirls around....

watch under the bowl rim, often gunk built up clogging the exit holes.

you can use a coathanger end to open the holes some but the sediment
still fills the bowl rim and cant be reached.

put on safety glasses, plunge drain bowl water, sponge is good idea
so bowl is completely empty tank water can remain as is.

put funnel in dip tube top pour a cup or two of acid in funnel. and
some in bowl no splashing have window open and take deep breathe
first, then leave room shut door wait at least 15 minutes.

then return and flush about 15 times to dilute all remaing acid. you
will see brown goo, thats the melted sediment.

this really works