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Default Question about installing a Frigidaire GLCF386DS gas range...

"Mikepier" wrote in message ...
I agree, wait until the stove actually arrives at the house. Or go
down to a local retailer who has the stove on the showroom and
measure. Most stoves have a "cavity" in the rear to accomodate pipes.
I don't know if it's 5" though.
Just out of curiosity, why does the pipe need to be cut for removal?
Is it threaded black pipe or something else?

Ah so.... closer look just now and it's garden variety black pipe. Doesn't look rusted or anything but it's been there for 45 years. Any danger of breaking it if I jump on a pipe wrench to break the connection loose - or should I use some kind of de-mystery-loose-ifier on it?