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Default Opinions of this electric heated blower, for heating a garage?

On Mar 20, 9:19*pm, "Edwin Pawlowski" wrote:
On Mar 20, 6:25?pm, bryan wrote:

I currently have a 85k BTU forced air propane heater for my garage.
The propane can get expensive.

Does this look like a suitable substitute to you?

Does any have an experience with this?

That is 4610 Btu. Sure, it will work as well if you get 18 of them and are
willing to pay electric prices. *In most cases, electricity costs more than

I see that the heater also has outlets for power tools. *The heater is going
to pull close to the maximum allowed on a circuit so adding a saw is going
to trip breakers if used in that manner. *There are also inaccuracies in the
description of the motor; "Two-speed motor: 1700/2850 feet per minute" *I'd
not have anything from Harbor Freight in my house.

He better buy 36 of them HF stuff only lasts a few weeks