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"DJH" wrote in message
I would like some recommendations on moth/larvae control in my closets. I
had several wool sweaters chewed through with holes. Does anyone have a
non-toxic solutions to this. Moth balls are toxic especially in my case
with a 2 year old.

I am also going to a newer wire shelf like closetmaid. Can someone
recommend a nice company or shelving system.

I believe Cedar wood also works and is non-toxic but you ned more than 1 or
2 of those little hangers. I actually had a problem like this in an
apartment. It was years ago.

I found honest to goodness cedar chips at a pet store and put these in a net
(laundry) bag and used that. I also had cats and figured out how to get
moth balls up. I put them also in a small net bag, then nailed the bag
firmly up near the ceiling.

I have no specific recommendations on the closet system, we tend to like to
make our own (hobby fun for us).