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Default I plunged, I auged, now I'll reckon I'll rent a snake

Mike wrote:
On Mar 20, 11:35 am, Jeff Wisnia wrote:

Anyhow, any advice for a guy about to snake his toilet? I guess I can
plan on having some scratch marks in the bottom of the toilet bowl.

Ya see, that's why I love this newsgroup! Good advice from
knowledgeable folks, and the price is right! Thanks, JK, I will aug
some more after work today and then consider pulling the toilet. My
father-in-law is arriving for an Easter visit tomorrow, so I will seek
his assistance on this (he's not a plumber, but knows a good deal
about home repairs).

Thanks again, Big Jake!!


Sorry the closet auger I suggested didn't do the job.

I finally had to bring up my trusty and rusty 20 foot hand snake and
spent another 10 minutes or so running it in and out until the toilet
flushed as well as I'd remembered it used to.

If that same friend ever asks to use our guest toilet again I'm gonna
take him aside and ask if he'd please ****e in stages, flushing after
each one. G


Jeff - the closet auger was a great suggestion. I can't believe I
haven't needed one up to this point. You mentioned your 20 foot
snake. I think I saw something like that at Home Depot yesterday when
I was getting the auger (I wanted to examine it a bit further but one
of the rugrats darted off into the Garden Department and I had to
go). What I'm referring to kinda looked like a flexible metal cable
inside a tea-pot. Is that about what you have?

Not quite. Mine is probably 35 years old, it's just a 20 foot long piece
of the same sort of cable that's in a closet auger, with a "crank
handle" made from a piece of steel tubing with a pair slight offset
bends in it and a thumbscrew to secure it anywhere along the snake's
length. Then you grab that handle with both hands and rotate the snake
with it as though your hands were feet on bicycle pedals.

To store it I have to roll it into a circle and secure it with a twist-tie.


Jeffry Wisnia
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Maybe I'll go back
this evening and pick up one of those. I'm bound to need it again at
some point!

Thanks again!