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Default I plunged, I auged, now I'll reckon I'll rent a snake

Mike wrote in message ...
I posted here yesterday about a toilet in my house that has recently
turned into a lazy flusher (upon flushing the water spins a bit, then
stops and then the water level drops, but it's not flushing like it
did even a week ago). Someone here suggested getting an auger and I
did that. I was hopeful that it would be the solution I needed, but
after auging and then plunging a bit more I am seeing no improvement.
(There was a little paper floating around the bowl after I pulled the
auger out.) I'm making a few calls now to rent a snake. I think I'd
rather try to snake it than pulling the toilet as that sounds like a
messy headache. One place I called said they had a 100 foot snake

$45 a day. He said they might have a smaller one around the shop
somewhere. I hope they do as 100 feet is likely way too long.

Anyhow, any advice for a guy about to snake his toilet? I guess I

plan on having some scratch marks in the bottom of the toilet bowl.



Someone in this newsgroup told me to try the advice posted when I had
a problem similar to your. It worked beautifully, and no more slow
running toilet. This is what he told me to do, which I did, using
Muriatic Acid. I didn't wear safety glasses, but I did have the window


It was me, it works awesome!

First IDEALLY the toilet bowl will have NO water in it! So plunge or
sponge out the water in the bottom of the bowl.

Tank water doesnt matter.

Wear safety glasses, have window on or exhaust fan on.

Use funnel pour about a cup down the dip tube, and perhaps a cup in
the bowl. Work pretty fast.

Like take a deep breathe, hold it, pour in acid, leave room wear
rubber gloves.

Shut door wait 15 minutes, flush repeatedly like 5 to 10 times.

Actually despite the warnings muriatic acid is pretty mild, you DONt
want it in your eyes or splashed on floor or belongings but I touched
some just to see, my finger didnt rot off

dO IT TWICE IF NECESSARY, you will likely see lots of brown gunk from