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Default Repair old tub faucet problems

I hate those type of faucets but its for my MIL's house, an hour plus away.
I was able to remove two of the metal handles but the third won't budge even
with a puller. I squirted WD40 and tap on it for an hour and than I gave
up - should have bought my touch. What do you guys do to remove the handle?

One of the seats won't come out with the seat wrench. Old seat where the
square hole could have been mangled by a previous repair attempt (or just
too old and crumpled) so the seat wrench wasn't able to grip into it. I'll
try a bolt extractor next time. What else would you guys do short of
knocking the wall out and replace the whole unit?

I didn't have all the anticipated tools with me, but as it usually goes the
tools I needed is the one I didn't bring.