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Default I plunged, I auged, now I'll reckon I'll rent a snake

Mike wrote:
Ya see, that's why I love this newsgroup! Good advice from
knowledgeable folks, and the price is right! Thanks, JK, I will aug
some more after work today and then consider pulling the toilet. My
father-in-law is arriving for an Easter visit tomorrow, so I will seek
his assistance on this (he's not a plumber, but knows a good deal
about home repairs).

I'm hardly the world's authority on pulling toilets but I was able to do one by
myself after watching somebody else do one first. Not much to it... run the
kids off, turn off the water supply, flush, disconnect from the water supply,
loosen the two bolts that hold it to the floor, and then muscle it off the
drain. Be prepared to deal with some water left in the bowl.

Scrape off the old wax ring and replace it with a new one. Slide the toilet
back on the mounting bolts and sit down on the throne to seat it into the new
wax ring. On and off shouldn't take more than half an hour for a newbie.
Chances are the cause of your problem will present itself very shortly after you
free the beast from the floor.

It might be a scary job the first time you do it but it won't be the second.
It's just not that bad... it's the dreading that's bad.

Mortimer Schnerd, RN