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Default I plunged, I auged, now I'll reckon I'll rent a snake

On Mar 20, 8:29 am, Mike wrote:
I posted here yesterday about a toilet in my house that has recently
turned into a lazy flusher (upon flushing the water spins a bit, then
stops and then the water level drops, but it's not flushing like it
did even a week ago). Someone here suggested getting an auger and I
did that. I was hopeful that it would be the solution I needed, but
after auging and then plunging a bit more I am seeing no improvement.
(There was a little paper floating around the bowl after I pulled the
auger out.) I'm making a few calls now to rent a snake. I think I'd
rather try to snake it than pulling the toilet as that sounds like a
messy headache. One place I called said they had a 100 foot snake for
$45 a day. He said they might have a smaller one around the shop
somewhere. I hope they do as 100 feet is likely way too long.

Anyhow, any advice for a guy about to snake his toilet? I guess I can
plan on having some scratch marks in the bottom of the toilet bowl.




The problem is probably still in your toilet. Renting 100' snake to
clear something in the first 3-4 feet is not a good idea. The head of
the snake will either be the same size as what you have on the auger,
or will be too big to get through the trapway.

I have cleared at least 100 clogged toilets as a landlord. I have
removed toys, spoons, the top of a water bottle, hair extensions, and
countless other items. Perhaps one of the most unexpected things was
a tampon applicator that got all the way to the bottom of the toilet
(where the toilet meets the floor flange), and got stuck sideways
across the bottom.

You can either continue with the auger or pull the toilet and see if
you can tell what the problem is from the other end. Pulling the
toilet is NOT a big deal. Get a #3 wax ring to use when you re-set
the bowl.

I have had items that I couldn't get out of the toilet, and found out
what they were after I replaced the toilet and busted the old one open
to see what the problem was.

I was going to post yesterday and suggest that you get a better auger,
from General or Rigid, that would have cost $40-50, but I thought the
cheaper one would probably work for you. If you really want to got
out and spend $45 towards fixing the problem, this would be my choice.