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Default Freezer Lid Problem

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On Mar 19, 8:33�am, Mike Dobony wrote:
I have a very large chest freezer, possibly around 25cf (really big) that
is not staying open. �When I tighten the springs it will stay up, but
will not close. �My guess is that the springs are weak and need
Does this sound right to you? �One side of the lid is also bent at the
hinge and the hinge is pulling the lid back from the edge. �Could this be
the problem instead?

Mike D.

yep its the bent hinge, fix that first

do you really need that large a freezer?

might be better off buying a small chest freezer, a new one will save
a lot of money on energy espically if you downsize

It could also be that you have ice build-up inside the lid making it too
heavy for the springs to hold it open. I've just been through this myself
and it wasn't easy to get a repair.

Ron P

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