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Default OT Amtrak from IL to CA (Bay Area)

On Thu, 20 Mar 2008 02:23:04 GMT, Zayonc wrote:


Take train #1 - Moscow-Vladivostok. THIS would be fantastic!

Ignoramus30927 wrote:
Amtrak is made from metal. So there is some relevance. Anyway. My 6
year old wants to ride Amtrak from IL to CA (Chicago to Emeryville
CA) in summer.

I first dismissed the idea, but now I like it. I doubt that Amtrak
will be around for much longer, and 7 (he will be 7 by summer) is old
enough to remember, so perhaps this ride would be a memorable
experience. he may not have a chance to do it when he grows up.

My question is, has anyone tried something like this, is there enough
we can do on the train to keep this 54 hour ride interesting?

For 7yrs old - everything is interesting on the train. Especially
if you would be able to make some 'in-depth' visits - not sure
if it's possible on the Amtrack but is is for sure possible on
the train #1.

Good point. When I was 7 my folks gave me a kid-level train book to
read before our trip. I learned all about the various kinds of
locomotives, about fusees, torpedoes, flimsies, air brakes and the
various jobs of those who work for the railroad, and I knew all of
the whistle signals which, BTW, are still in use.