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Default Question about installing a Frigidaire GLCF386DS gas range...

On Wed, 19 Mar 2008 20:41:42 GMT, "Claude Balls"

Question about installing a Frigidaire GLCF386DS gas range...

See sketch he

This sketch shows the gas supply pipe coming from the wall as now is. I don't have the new range here and can't find info at or from the dealer. I would like to know before the range is delivered if there is room inside the back of the range to accommodate this pipe and valve, or if I need to remove it and use a smaller one.

If the old stove fit well, I'll bet the new one will. Even if I
thought it woudlnt', I'd wait until the stove was delivered before I
started cutting things. It might fit anyhow. Surely you can be
without a stove for a day or two or more. There are microwave ovens,
camp stoves, campfires, fireplaces, restaurants. Plus you can connect
it with it sticking out a couple inches and disconnect it when you're
ready to modify the pipe.

Problem is that the pipe will need to be cut off and I'm trying to avoid that.

Then wait until you're certain it's necessary. If a drawing shows
the distance from the stove to the wall, it's going to show the
minimum distance, and your pipe might fit somewhere where the distance
is greater. There is no substitute for actually seeing something.