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Default OT Amtrak from IL to CA (Bay Area)

On 2008-03-20, Don Foreman wrote:
On Wed, 19 Mar 2008 11:23:58 -0500, Ignoramus30927

Amtrak is made from metal. So there is some relevance. Anyway. My 6
year old wants to ride Amtrak from IL to CA (Chicago to Emeryville
CA) in summer.

I first dismissed the idea, but now I like it. I doubt that Amtrak
will be around for much longer, and 7 (he will be 7 by summer) is old
enough to remember, so perhaps this ride would be a memorable
experience. he may not have a chance to do it when he grows up.

My question is, has anyone tried something like this, is there enough
we can do on the train to keep this 54 hour ride interesting?


I rode the California Zephyr from Chicago to San Franciso in 1949
when I was 7. I shall never forget that journey and experience. It
was fantastic!

We had a compartment so we could have a good night's sleep, but we
spent almost no time in the compartment during the day. We were in
the Vista Dome much of the day except when taking meals in the dining
car. I could read during periods when when there wasn't much to see
out the window.

The rail route thru the Royal Gorge was absolutely jaw-dropping,
awe-inpiring and spectacular. The emptiness of some parts of the
country (no billboards, gas stations or other signs of civilization)
was quite striking.

Don, we've definitely decided to go and I checked with my spouse
also. So we'll go. We'll use a "roomette" which is a little tiny room.