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Default Whole house water filter

On Mar 18, 8:01*pm, Tony Hwang wrote:
Instead of hauling bottled water, considering to have whole house
filter installed in the basement. Wondering if filter system reduces
the water pressure or flow. Any recommendations/suggestions which one
to choose?

A kitchen undersink filter is all you need, bottled water is not even
as pure as RO filters get it, plus they waste as much water or more
than they filter and remove needed minerals. I use Everpure a one
cartrige unit with its own spigot you put in your sink next to the
faucet. There are alot of good brands that filter even better than
bottled waters are filtered. I looked at shacklee years ago it had
great filtering specs, Everpure is used by alot of airlines, large
food chains, etc. In the basement on the main, only a sediment filter
is needed if you really have particles that will clog things up.