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Default Elec. Water Heater Leak

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WHY DOESN'T IT LEAK UNTIL REHEATED? *(this could just be our
interpretation. *I had theorized that residual water is draining out
from the insulation, but it stops dripping while the unit is drained
and for several hrs after refilling).

Thanks for your advice.

Because the tank expands a bit when the water's hot. *Loose pipe somewhere
or T&P valve?

This part concerns me:

"We know it was pooled up
at the top of the water heater as well, and leaking down the outside
from the top. *Husband theorized that the water leaked out of the
lower element port, filled up the space between the insulation and
tank, all the way up to the top of the unit and began pooling there. "

It seems unlikely to me that a leak like this is going to be able to
fill the entire tank surround up to the point that it overflows from
the top. *The access panels, etc are not water tight.

I'd get the pipe connection points at the top of the tank dry, then
put some paper towels around them. *Keep an eye on it, leave the
access panel off and see if the towels get wet. *If you're sure it's
not a pipe connection, then I'd call the tank manufacturer about the

If you do get the warranty involved, please report back how it works
for you. * There was a lengthy discussion here a few weeks ago, where
a person shopping for a new tank dismissed warranties as worthless.
I'd be interested in hearing how it works for you, how you had to
proceed with the claim, etc.

Thank you all for the benefit of your experiences and expertise; the
existence of the sacrificial anode was a surprise to me (and most
everyone else I've mentioned it to since) - seems like a little
secret; aside from a picture in the manual, there's really nothing
about PM-ing it.

While I don't know for sure if the tank was leaking (don't know what
else it could be, because we checked every other orifice of the
thing), the technician (who took 4 days to get there) took one look at
all we'd done and immediately offered to replace the tank. We took
the tank, but installed it ourselves since installation would have
cost us $300 (I use the royal "we" here -- my husband did 100% of the
work). So, I am happy to report that Sears didn't blink about the

Thanks Again!