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Default Help removing dishwasher please!

On Tue, 18 Mar 2008 11:04:18 -0700 (PDT), Joe wrote:

On Mar 18, 9:28*am, wrote:
That's the punishment you get for doing something really stupid like
installing a floor over an existing floor instead or removeing the
existing floor and replacing it.

Totally agree. The floor installer was probably not a very experienced
person or he would have pointed that out.
So at this point, the only logical thing to do is carefully
disassemble and remove the entire counter and top,

Well, if he's going to do all this, he needn't do what follows. He
can take off the counter (including the sink if it is there) and put
in the new dishwasher, then put the counter back on. My dishwasher
has lasted 29 years. (although I've heard new ones don't last that
long, I'm not totally convinced. Of course I live alone and don't use
mine unless it is full.)

But his new one will still last another 10 or 15 years. By then other
things may have changed. Of course like I say, he can just keep using
the DW he has. If there is still a long rod stuck to the heater
coil, he can cut most of it off with wire cutters or a saw. The rest
will fall off, or can be pushed off with one's fingers, or it won't
matter that it is there.

He can also cut out a few pieces of the hardwood floor, and later
repalce them in a way that is less permanent, with some sort of strip
to fill in the kerf if it is wide enough. I'm not sure I like this
idea though. When I started I thought maybe only a foot would have to
be removed but now I'm not sure it would be so little.

He can also shop for a new DW which either has adjustable legs or he
can make them adjustable before installation. He can cut off the legs
and replace them with angle iron, with drilling two holes in the leg
stubs and the leg extensions, to be assembled after installation.

I don't think the motor is low enough, in the ones I've seen, to
prevent removal and reinstallation.

install flooring
under the counter area to the same height as the new hardwood and
reinstall the counter sans dishwasher. Although this sounds like a
whole bunch of work, it isn't really all that tedious. A good
journeyman would have it done before lunch. Good luck.