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Default Whole house sediment filters

"Pete C." wrote in message

Alexander SuperTramp wrote:

We live in Gilbert (phoenix) Arizona, we have a water softener, but we
always gotten a brown ring in the washer tub, it looks just like the dirt
that is outside.
I was wondering if some type of in line sediment filter might help to
alleviate this, or if the micron rating would be to large( most I have
are in the 10 micron range).
Should I put it in before the softener or after?

Looking to spend in the sub $100 range with filter that are in the 15-20
range and replaced every 6 months or so.
Any suggestions on filter type?

Any of the standardized filter units will do the job if it is indeed
just sediment. You want the basic 5 micron sediment filters unless you
have some condition where the combination units with a charcoal section
would be desirable. Having your water tested first to see exactly what
you are dealing with would be a good idea. Buy the unit and a full case
of filter elements at a real plumbing supply store, not a big box like
Depot or Lowe's. The basic sediment filters should be less than $5/ea in
case quantity (last I bought were under $2ea in case qty). For well
water that only suffers from some very fine sand the clogs faucet
aerators, the 5 micron filters last a long time. I know someone
mentioned the plastic housings cracking, but the plastic one I have is
still fine after nearly 20 years.

Thank you all for the suggestions.