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Default Latex paint doesn't crack??

On Mar 18, 3:38*pm, "Percival P. Cassidy" wrote:
Finally found a "real paint store" that sells Benjamin Moore exterior
paint in 5-gallon pails.

Store employee asked what I was planning to paint over -- oil or latex.
I replied that I didn't know because it was already on the house when we
bought it, and (unlike with many of the interior paints) the previous
owner hadn't left any of the exterior paint.

Store employee asked if the existing paint was cracking. I said that it
was, and she said, "Then it must be oil based, because latex paints
don't crack."

Is that true? So if I prep properly and paint with a 25-year warranty
latex, the only reason to repaint within that time would be that we get
tired of the color?


How old is the house, when the original coat fails because it has not
been maintained and cracks you could end up painting it every year
with lifetime warranty paint that wont be honored because the under
coats are failing , not what you just put on. If you are where it
freezes what do you think happens when it freezes at night after it
rains, it ruins the base layer. water expands when it freezes. Latex
cracks too, you need pro advise at your house from a pro, as you are
also missing alot more of the job details.