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Default Bob Vila & This old house

On Mar 18, 1:40 am, "Chris Miller" wrote:

kevin o'connor has learned more and more about
the trades which has made his commentary and questions even better. steve
was my favorite, but i think that kevin is coming into his own.

Kevin is great, but the show is at least loosely scripted, and
rehearsed, and he doesn't think of the greatest majority of those
questions or the commentary off the top of his head.

"aemeijers" wrote in message


Anthona wrote:
Years ago when Bob Vila was in the Old house, he left because he said
that he didn't like the way the show was going..building and repairing
luxury homes only.

I think he was ****canned due to his capitalization on his popularity
combined with a severe case of "star-itis", combined with a lack of
ability to keep his big yap shut.

See his new show? He's pitiful as "talent". He often interrupts, and
rudely, and at the exact wrong time when the interviewee is arriving
at the most relevant portion of their response because he isn't
listening to it to begin with, and he's looking at the floor,

He often doesn't allow a pause between the answer and his next
question, so he "walks" all over it. He makes editing a ****ing
nightmare and more than twice as much work to produce a decent program
than if he possessed the absolute most basic of interviewing skills.

I agree then and still agree, the way they show how
perfect they can make million dollar homes look great is sickening.

Well, there's the "production" crew and equipment to consider. It's
pretty tough to fit all that crap in the 11x13 living room of a $750K
900sf. SoCal cottage.

And average Joes don't very often pour a ton of cash into a complete
renovation, but rich people do. And the show often gets the advantage
of working from foundation to roof, landscaping, etc., and working on
one site for an extended period.

A rec room redo or installing some cabinets just isn't as interesting,
at least to me, and there are now numerous DIY shows that have filled
that gap.

And I think it's easier for a guy to simplify aspects of a high-dollar
renovation than take a simple one done on the cheap and expand upon

- gpsman