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Default Dishwasher screwed in from the TOP and then tiled over (how tosecure now?)

On Mar 17, 9:45 pm, Donna Ohl wrote:
On Mon, 17 Mar 2008 16:20:43 -0800, Oren wrote:
My read on the OP was the screws were from the top and then tiled
over... cutting the screw is less damage.

Attempting to cut the screws ruined my wire cutters!
Did I use the wrong type?

I tried returning this broken wire cutter to Sears but they didn't have the
EXACT same number ... what good is that supposed "lifetime" warranty!

Anyway, the screws don't seem to do anything now that the plastic in the
top of the dishwasher is broken where they did go in.

Apparently what happened before we bought the house is that the remodelers
screwed the dishwasher in from the top of the then-wood counter before
tiling over the countertop, sealing the top of the screws.

When I lowered the legs of the dishwasher to get it out of its cubbyhole,
the dead weight downward ripped the screws out of the plastic in the top of
the dishwasher leaving ragged holes but no other damage.

So, at this point, the screws don't do anything. I will try to find the
bracket and put that in to hold the dishwasher. That seems like the best
approach recommended.



Consider a couple of small dollops of chalk...ones that can be easily
razor knifed through when it comes time to replace the dishwasher.

Maybe there's room for a bracket on the side near the top.

I looked at your photo stream...time to start saving for a re-pipe.
That galvanized pipe must be around 50 years old.

Do those earthquake straps mean you're in e/q country (CA? Bay Area?)

I would suggest a PEX re-pipe.