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Default Bob Vila & This old house

vila left because they wouldn't allow him to do endorsements for products
(like the bella wood floors he's hawking these days).
this old house does tend towards expensive renovations, but they have had
budget projects as well: new orleans and washington d.c. to name two most
recent examples.
ask this old house goes all over the place, including nyc where tom silva
helped two girls with a vinyl floor in their apartment. they've also gone to
the southwest, texas, california, etc. both are great shows undeserving of
anything less than praise.

"Anthona" wrote in message
Years ago when Bob Vila was in the Old house, he left because he said
that he didn't like the way the show was going..building and repairing
luxury homes only. I agree then and still agree, the way they show how
perfect they can make million dollar homes look great is sickening.
How many of us can afford such luxury? Maybe they felt some guilt and
now show another show right after that, "Ask this old house"...which
is fine. But so far i have never noticed them visiting someone in a
city, like NY or Chicago...its always a private home in some boon
docks areas.