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Default Flat screen tv stand issue

On Mon, 17 Mar 2008 19:29:36 -0400, "SBH"

My basement was finished when I purchased my house but it was paneled and
carpeted. I did a refinish by painting the panels, instead of removing them,
new trim, hardwood floors and homemade baseboard heater covers. Upon
refinishing, I think I discovered the method used by the previous owner(s)
of the panel installation, which was 2 x 2 studs liquid nailed to the
masonry walls, then the panel nailed to them. Though I'm not 100% certain of
this, I'm fairly close in believing so.

There are three baseboard heaters on three separate walls of the basement.
On one wall, at one end of the basement lies one of the baseboard which is
13" in height, 54" in length and 5" width from the wall. I would like to put
a new flat screen 52" LCD TV at this end and using a stand would have to be
in front of the heater and extended from the wall, which is not appealing to
me. Therefore, I would really like to mount it on the wall, but I'm not sure
I should rely on the assumption of the supported 2 x 2 studs behind the

Maybe I'm tired, but I can't manage to read this paragraph. But if
you are mounting the tv above the heater, I'd first check how hot it
gets where you plan to mount it and check the specs of the tv to see
what it says about heat. I can barely guess about either value. But
I've had an old tv 2 feet from my fireplace while I had fires, and it
seems to be working much less well than it used to. Maybe a
coincidence, I don't know. I know I can't sit that close some of the
time because it's too hot.

Now the obvious question. Do you think it's fairly safe to mount on the
wall? If not, which I assume it isn't, anyone have any ideas which I may be
able to use the basement joists for extra support for the wall? I have
suspended ceiling if that's an issue, which shouldn't be. I was also
thinking of a way to make a stand to aesthetically fit with the baseboard
cover, something along the lines of those wall leaning bookshelves.
Basically put, I'm just pondering in my head how to tackle this.

All help appreciated.

Thank you.