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Default wall mount stainless sink problem

Joe wrote:
On Mar 17, 4:17 pm, Beatniks wrote:

I'm trying to put a wall-mount steel sink on a brick wall, but the
supply lines are being pinched between the wall and the sink.

The problem is that the threads of the faucet supply intakes run
horizontal towards the wall, instead of vertical towards the ground. I
thought I could just buy a couple of elbows, screw them on pointing
down, and everything would be great. But, I can't find the elbows
anywhere, web, hardware stores, etc...

What I'm looking for is a 90 degree elbow, with 5/8" male and female
( I've found 3/8", 1/4", 1/2", but no 5/8" )

Here's a pic of what I'm talking about:

Can anyone help??


Are there any faucet sets in the matket with better fittings for your
set up?
How do you feel

There isn't a threaded pipe fitting you want because
those 5/8" threads are straight, not tapered.

You might possibly make a 5/8" flare elbow work,
but you'll have to improvise some seal (washer/O-ring)
between the El and the faucet. Possibly sweat solder
the El onto the stub .

If there is room behind the sink, might try this:
Get a 5/8" compression El (used for supply lines).
Couple a very short piece of chrome 5/8" supply
tubing to the faucet stub. Then slip the compression El
on the bare end of that.

Or, bore the faucet stub to accept a std size copper tube
and sweat solder that in. Then attach a compression El.

Tough one. Maybe there's another answer, but I've
drawn a blank.

(Nice GIF though!)