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Default Kick Toe heater sizing

"RBM" wrote in message

Just my opinion: use anything but a toekick.

What would you suggest in an area that has cabinets all around? I've had
no heat at all this winter in the room (New England) and quite honestly,
I've thought about no heat. The room doesn't get more than a degree or
so below the rest of the house - and that was even with all the
insulation ripped out. Now that I've insulated and rocked it, cooking
overheats it. LOL!

A little radiant under the floor would be nice, but not always possible or
practical. They make some really small in wall electric units with
transflow blowers, similar to those in the toe kick, if it was a choice
between the two

Well - radiant isn't an option. I started with just a new floor and my wife
"decided" we needed a new kitchen AFTER I had laid the tile. I'm not
pulling it up! LOL! I've seen "electrical" toe kicks - is this what your
talking about? I have upgraded my electrical (due to running all new
circuits to the kitchen and I only had 100amp fuse service originally) so
I'm not necessarilly adverse to that as a solution. Thoughts?