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Default followup on new range

"J.Lef" wrote in message
With no problem, g.e. cancelled the reorder of parts, and said this
shouldnt be. They said they would call me back within 5-7 days and will
replace the whole unit.
About four days later, I get a phone call and being told I would have
delivery later that day.
Two very professional young lads showed up, did a beautiful job of
installation and delivery, and everything worked perfectly. They assembled
everything, checked everything out, they even set the clock(LOL)
Good work on the follow up and customer satisfaction on g.e.
Anyway, it is great, having a huge oven, thats self cleaning, and a
broiler inside as opposed to on the bottom.

Thanks for the follow up. Many people post here asking questions and never
bother to let anyone know what worked. Sounds like GE stands behind their
product and now you're a happy cook.