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Default OT? - A Reliable Long Distance Provider

"Peetie Wheatstraw" wrote in message
. ..

My father found that calling cards are the cheapest for him. He doesn't
call long distance much either so it wasn't worth it to get an LD plan.

When you say "calling cards", are you talking about the prepaid
calling cards that are commonly sold in discount and other retail

There are also some on the web like You prepay here too,
it's valid for 6month (min $10) and you can call a 1-800 or in many
areas a local access# (cheaper). They don't have a connection fee and
you don't have to pinch in your pin every time, if you setup your
account with your phone#. The other features I like are their webphone
for use on the computer and the chance to set shortcuts for your most
dialed phone#.

I use them for quite a while now