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Default Dishwasher screwed in from the TOP and then tiled over (how tosecure now?)

James Sweet wrote:
"Donna Ohl" wrote in message
On Sun, 16 Mar 2008 17:31:10 -0700, Anthony Matonak wrote:

you are missing the under-counter flange or bracket.

Hi Anthony,
I see what you mean from those photos.

When I look at my dishwasher, I see two indentations at the top

Those two indentations must be where the missing bracket goes.

I'm guessing that I find those missing brackets at a store but what kind
store sells dishwasher parts?


An appliance store. Look in the phone book, best bet is to find a local mom
& pop place, sometimes they even have some junk units you can get stuff
from. You might also try a hardware store, just find some sort of bracket
that you can bend into the shape you need.

Any big apartment projects near you? They consider dishwashers
disposable- when one craps out they just swap it out like a light bulb,
and chuck the old one in the dumpster. If you are too shy to dumpster
dive, cruise around and spot the maintenance guy- for the promise of a
10-spot, he would likely hold the next one on his truck and call you to
come fetch it. If it is an entry-level dishwasher, there aren't that
many factories making them, no matter the brand name. Decent odds you
will be able to find one with the same basic design, including the
plastic-covered wire baskets to replace your rusty ones.

aem sends...