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Default OT? - A Reliable Long Distance Provider

On Mon, 17 Mar 2008 18:19:12 -0400, "John Grabowski" wrote:

"Peetie Wheatstraw" wrote in message
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I don't use LD much. Maybe 15 min. per month. All domestic US.

ATT jacked my flat fee about 300% not long ago and I flushed 'em.

Actually signed up for TCI, but found them to be more-or-less
totally dysfunctional.

Now without a LD provider. Open to suggestions as to a reliable
vendor, hopefully that will refund the LD connect fees. I do
not require the lowest per-min. rate.

My father found that calling cards are the cheapest for him. He doesn't
call long distance much either so it wasn't worth it to get an LD plan.

When you say "calling cards", are you talking about the prepaid
calling cards that are commonly sold in discount and other retail