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Default OK to air-nail 2x4s together on their flat faces?

On Mar 17, 12:06 pm, Wayne Whitney wrote:
On 2008-03-17, Harry K wrote:

Hmmm...never heard of doing it that way. Looks more difficult than
what I described.

Well, I skip the clamps, and I give up when I can't readily do it by
hand. So I have a bunch of little deviations along the length of the
two members. With the linear method, you accumulate all the
deviations at the free end, so you have to keep going till the end,
using more and more force as necessary.

It's a lot easier to align each end and then pull the center into
You can straighten bowed lumber by opposing two warped boards boards
and nailing them together. You can't straighten cupped lumber. You
can straighten crooked lumber by driving nails in a corner of the
bowed board at a 45 degree angle into the other board - that will beat
up an edge, but it will straighten most crooks. Wish it was that easy
in politics.