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Default followup on new range

Posted a while ago,about acquiring a new range, with some high
output burners.
We puchased the g.e. jgbp88dem, with a h/0 burner of 17,000, and four
various other burners of varying degrees.
After installing, we were having problems, with some burners not
G.E. sent a repairman out, and he said It had a bad electrical box.
He went down to truck and got a new one, and it changed the burners that
worked, but didnt solve the problem.
He said both boxes were probably bad. He had a new one fed exed to
me, and then returned to install it.
Problem was even worse.
He said , he was going to order two more to be fedexed to me. I said do
what you want, at this point I am taking it up with g.e. direct.
With no problem, g.e. cancelled the reorder of parts, and said this
shouldnt be. They said they would call me back within 5-7 days and will
replace the whole unit.
About four days later, I get a phone call and being told I would have
delivery later that day.
Two very professional young lads showed up, did a beautiful job of
installation and delivery, and everything worked perfectly. They assembled
everything, checked everything out, they even set the clock(LOL)
Good work on the follow up and customer satisfaction on g.e.
Anyway, it is great, having a huge oven, thats self cleaning, and a
broiler inside as opposed to on the bottom.
The continuos grates are great, and the high/output burners, were
more then I dreamed of, in actual function.
Even though a step from 9100 to 17,000 btus on paper, should just
double the output, it puts out a tremendous amount of heat, compared to the
old burners.
And having sealed burners is great. Nice to have a sear on a good
piece of meat, and the wife, is doing wonders with the wok, and my stir
fried dinners.
And not waiting all day, for a stock pot to come to a boil is
Much regards to all