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Default Air compressor suitability?

On Mar 17, 7:43*am, " wrote:
I have zero experience with air compressors, but could use one and a
local store has one on sale with attachments.

The specs a
8 gallon, 1.3 hp running, 125 max psi, 4.5 scfm@40 psi, 3.7 scfm@90

I wanted it to be able to assist with weekend auto repairs (brakes,
calipers, springs, shocks, etc) and as well have some jobs around the
house (nailing hardwood flooring, new trim work, bathroom renovations)
and I would not mind if it were strong enough to be able to do some
touch up spray painting.

Would people here be able to advise me if this unit would be good
enough for that type of work? If not, what would the limitations be?

I am just a 'weekend warrior' not a commercial outfit, so the usage
would be sporadic at best.


Just for the helluvit, check the yellow pages for commercial
compressor stores and pay one a visit. Ask about used or trade ins,
and you might get lucky with a nice big machine priced at 20%% or so
of new, which could be well within your budget. Don't be afraid of 240
V types, as they will like last far longer than what you can buy. In
that way you could have something that will do anything you could
throw at it it for years to come. HTH