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Default Is it water or oil based polyeurathane?

On Mar 17, 5:05*am, "dadiOH" wrote:
That's my problem: the hardware store said I must not use water
based poly over oil based. *I'd rather use water because I have
kids and the smell is a killer. *Are you suggesting that there are
some water-based polys out there that can adhere to oil-based

Once dried it doesn't much matter what the vehicle of the original
coating was. *Oil or water, it needs to be sanded prior to applying
another top coat of either oil or water poly.

Your real problem is that raw wood finished with oil poly will look
different from that finished with water poly. *If it were me, I'd try
a bit of each on a small area adjacent to the existing finish, remove
the one that doesn't match (when dry) and refinish with the one that



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Alcohol might be a remover for water base, it is for latex paint. Call
Poly manufacturers I think the store employee is wrong, The finish is
cured and you can use anything as long as you clean and sand it.