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Default Dishwasher screwed in from the TOP and then tiled over (how to secure now?)

Donna Ohl wrote:
How can I secure my dishwasher now that it is fixed?

Every time I shut the door, it moves backward because there's no way
I can get to the screws that were holding it in in the first place.

Is it normal for a dishwasher to be screwed in at the top & then tiled

There are two screws which I had to forcefully wrip out of the
plastic of the top of the dishwasher to work on the dishwasher to
unclog the solenoid filter screen.

It seems that whoever put the dishwasher in, screwed the dishwasher
to the counter from the plywood at the top of the counter BEFORE the
tiles were put in and then tiled over the screws.

The only way I could move the dishwasher was to tear the screws out
of the top of the dishwasher.

Now that the dishwasher is repaired, I have no way to rescrew the

HOW am I supposed to keep the dishwasher from moving back and forth
every time I shut the door?

Purists should skip the following thought experiement:

If all other alternatives are impossible, you could put a screw through the
body of the dishwasher!

I'd go through the top - less chance of hitting wires - with the correct
length of screw. Then slather a wad of silicone sealant over the exposed
screw head.

Elegant, it ain't, functional it is.