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Default Can't figure this switch out... anyone help?

On Mar 16, 3:25 pm, "RBM" wrote:
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Thanks for the info everyone. Ok, I guess the consensus is that for
#2 there is a hot line and neutral @ the fixture and they ran a 14/2
line to the switch to interrupt the hot leg- no problem. What isn't
resolved, and what I can't seem to get working is Fixture #1. I can't
find a neutral for this anywhere. I pulled the fixture and there is
only one romex cable leading in to it. If I put a bulb in the fixture
I get continuity across the white and black lines back at the switch
box. If I remove the bulb, no continuity. So the romex to #1 must
not be interrupted anywhere along its path and goes straight up to the
fixture? The fixture is a simple two bulb affair and is wired white
to white and black to black.

So if the white jumper was used to fed power to #1, it would be jumper
from hot leg of switch #2 to switch #1, black line attaches to other
side of switch #1 and goes to fixture, but then where does white go? I
can see from the marks on this white wire that it was attached to
something, and I know it wasn't ground (at the switch box anyway). To
re-iterate, this whole setup DID work before I messed with the

Could it have been connected to the ground screw of one of the switches?

no, when the switches fell apart the metal backings remained. Both
metal backings have a green screw that is attached to bare ground
wires. Both ground wires go to a pigtail that binds them and the two
grounds from the romex cables. The pigtail connection is a copper
clip, not a plastic nut, and it is very tight- so I don't think the
errant wire attached there. Also, the boxes and all conduit is
plastic so there is no sneak ground that way.