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Default Can't figure this switch out... anyone help?

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Thanks for the info everyone. Ok, I guess the consensus is that for
#2 there is a hot line and neutral @ the fixture and they ran a 14/2
line to the switch to interrupt the hot leg- no problem. What isn't
resolved, and what I can't seem to get working is Fixture #1. I can't
find a neutral for this anywhere. I pulled the fixture and there is
only one romex cable leading in to it. If I put a bulb in the fixture
I get continuity across the white and black lines back at the switch
box. If I remove the bulb, no continuity. So the romex to #1 must
not be interrupted anywhere along its path and goes straight up to the
fixture? The fixture is a simple two bulb affair and is wired white
to white and black to black.

So if the white jumper was used to fed power to #1, it would be jumper
from hot leg of switch #2 to switch #1, black line attaches to other
side of switch #1 and goes to fixture, but then where does white go? I
can see from the marks on this white wire that it was attached to
something, and I know it wasn't ground (at the switch box anyway). To
re-iterate, this whole setup DID work before I messed with the

Could it have been connected to the ground screw of one of the switches?