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Default Similar Housing Search

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I know this isn't quite a repair question, but thought people would be
knowledgeable here about this. By any chance, does anybody know of
any web sites that you can find an identical/similar houses to the one
I have? With the advent of Google Streetview, I could imagine
something existing out there. For example, take the general shape of
the outside of your house, and see other houses that are similar to
it. If that's not available, maybe some floorplan templates? You
specify the dimensions and locations of non-movable things in the room
(windows, doors), and it can draw something up that would be the most
efficient, such as which cabinets should go where.

The problem I'm having is that I have a rather unique house in
Chicago. It's a smaller house that was built in the 40's. Everything
is pretty plain and bland, and I'm looking to see other houses like
mine to get ideas.

I know I can probably go to a home designer, but I'm a little iffy
about going. So, if anybody has any ideas, that would be great.


Some architectural styles have generic names, like "cape". Does yours? If
so, some of the better realtor's sites might be searchable based on a term
like that. If you don't know whether your house's style has a name, showing
a picture to a realtor might yield some clues.