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Default Engine hoist capacity/webtv rant

My first dealings with the internet, about 10 years ago, was with webtv.
Simple, no viruses, good for basic e-mail and posting. Since then, my
wife got a computer, and since she has service from MSN, I get free
webtv service. So while she does the internet thing on hers, I just play
around on this, since I have it and it's free. I'm not much into
"technology", in fact I just got a cellphone about a year ago. (mostly
because it was given to me from a co-worker who was upgrading, and it is
a virgin mobile for $6.99/month and 10 cents/minute. And I only use
maybe 10 minutes a month at most) As far as the racing, our families
have been it for decades. We've ran everything from demo derbies to
enduros, ministocks to latemodels. My wife, in 2003 won the track
championship, first female ever, at our local paved flat 1/4 mile track.
We both have multiple top 5 and top 10 point finishes in various
classes. Her current car is a latemodel, 13-1 compression, ford 9 inch,
mini clutch, ect. Sorry for the rant, but I take offence when people
assume that every person with webtv is a moron. (many ARE, but that is
beside the point! lol) Thanks for all the suggestions, I'm still
deciding what way to go on this project. I'll let everyone know what I
do, with results when I do. Big E