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Default storage battery question

On Mar 16, 6:58*am, "Joseph Meehan"
* * Normal variance.

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I have two car type batteries that I have in my basement. *One is to
start my generator and the other is a spare. *I charge them once a week
at 1.5A for three hours. *I check the voltage before charging. *One of
them usually reads 12.60 volts and the other 12.76 volts. *I checked the
acid level on the 12.76 volt one and it is OK. *Why would it read so

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Sounds normal, especially if you're measuring the voltage immediately
after charging. If you wait a day after charging, I'll bet the higher
one drops down closer to 12.6.

If it were me, I'd get a battery tender connected so I didn't have to
charge them periodically.